You can check your order status In the “Trading” screen in the “My Trading history” box which is located below the order book (the “Buy orders” and “Sell orders” list). You can also check the status of your order in the tabs “Open Orders” and “Order History”. The “Open Orders” page contains all orders that have not yet been completed (filled), whereas the Order History page contains all orders you have placed, including cancelled orders.

Pending: there are a few reasons why your order may be in pending status.

  1. You place a Limit order and until your Limit price is reached the order status remains on “Pending”. Once your LMT price is reached your order will be filled and you will see in your Order History “Verified”.
  2. The platform is performing scheduled maintenance – in which case you will be notified in advance in the top notification bar. During maintenance you can place orders but they will only execute once the maintenance has been concluded. All placed orders will remain pending during maintenance time.

Active: means the order is in the market place waiting to be filled

Partial: means that some, but not all of your order has been filled at the desired price.  You can see in your Order History how many coins have been traded.

Filled: means your order has been confirmed and therefore executed.

Cancelled: if you chose to cancel an open order, then you will see the status “cancelled”. If admin does not approve your order, due to a breach of Terms, admin may cancel your order.