Here are step by step instructions on how to add your documents for KYC:

  1. Open your Bitblinx account in
  2. Go to your Profile (click your name from the right upper corner of the menu and click on Profile)
  3. Fill in your personal information (all fields should be filled in, only Latin characters are allowed)
  4. Tap "Submit for verification" button 
  5. Choose the document type to verify your identity 
  6. Click on "Upload" button
  7. Tap "Add files" and choose the document and your selfie from your device
  8. Tap "Upload", then "Finish"
  9. After adding documents for identity verification, add a POA (proof of your address) or other relevant documents based on the same upload principle
  10. Click the "Confirm" button to submit

Do NOT send documents for verification via email. You need to add them in the relevant section from your profile page.