Here are the documents that you should consider to add in your profile to be able to make transfers:

  • Photo or scan of your Passport Bio page or the front and back page of your ID document

  • A selfie of you holding your ID card front page or Passport Bio page near your face and a handwritten note:
On a blank piece of white paper write your name, today's date, and “”. Hold both this paper and your passport in one hand so we can clearly see both.Take a selfie of you, your passport, and your handwritten note.

  • Proof of address 
Your address can be verified by any official document that contains your name and current address, such as utility bill, phone bill or bank statement.

IMPORTANT: All documents should be under your name, not expired and with an up to date information (POA should be processed within the last 3 months). 
                  Scan or photos of documents should be in color. 
                  Please make sure your face and document details are clearly and fully visible without cropping or editing.
                  The selfie needs to include your full face, head-on, with no distortions, shadows or reflections of light. If someone takes the photo for you, make sure they take it from up close and include as little background as possible (do not crop or edit the picture).